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Estate Planning & Probate

It can be difficult to make estate planning a priority. One one hand, you don’t want to burden your family and loved ones with unnecessary stress and expenses on your behalf. But on the other hand, it’s hard to know how to protect them and where to start.

We can help.

We will walk you through the legal solutions available to make difficult end of life choices, so you can rest knowing you’ve taken care of your loved ones. Let’s check it off our to-do list so you can get back to enjoying your bucket list.

Divorce & Custody

Divorce is painful. The legal process shouldn’t be. The Goodnight Law Firm uses a holistic legal representation to address your legal, financial, and familial needs.

Let us take the stress out of the legal process for you so you can move past the pain and start living your life again.

We can help.

Divorce doesn’t have to end in deastation. The Goodnight Law Firm will provide multiple avenues to navigate the court system so that you may stay in control of your life and future.

Business Law

Have you ever heard the term, buy once cry once?

Nothing could be truer in business ownership.

If you set up your entities correctly, with sage legal advice, you can minimize headaches and liabilities down the road.

The Goodnight Law Firm will create a customized entity that addresses your short-term needs and long-term aspirations.

Invest your time and money in moving forward with your business with confidence and protection.

Family Facilitation

Navigating the legal system is traumatic stress for both parents and children.

Our team of Family Facilitators strive to teach parents conflict resolution skills, communication skills, and parenting strategies that will keep families out of the judicial system.

The pain is real.

But the path forward doesn’t have to be more litigation. Peaceful co-parenting is possible.

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At the Goodnight Law Firm, we understand the legal process can be expensive and overwhelming. We want you to enter the next season of life with peace of mind, To do that, you need a legal solution that gives you a clear plan on how to move forward.

The problem is that Texas Law is extensive and controlling, and family relationships are complicated. It is normal to feel stressed and intimidated. We believe the legal process shouldn’t be so hard. We understand the pitfalls and risks of the legal system which is why, for over ten years, we have helped hundreds of clients walk through the legal process.

“Goodnight Law was extremely helpful in walking my family through the legal side of our adoption journey. Mary Beth was helpful and knowledgeable. We always knew what was coming next and what to expect.”

—Eric N.

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