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Mary Beth Cameron


Attorney Mary Beth Cameron, the founder of the Goodnight Law Firm, has over ten years of professional experience in family law. She has helped hundreds of families navigate the legal system. The Goodnight Law Firm creates a customized plan for you so you can start eh next phase of your life. Whether its divorce, adoption or estate planning, we are here to help. We are committed to helping you avoid the stress and pitfalls of the legal system. The process is simple. First, schedule your free 30-minute case evaluation. Next, we create a customized plan to give you your best chance at achieving your legal goals. Finally, you get back to living your life with confidence. 

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Deborah Hubbs

Of Counsel

Attorney Deborah Hubbs spent years in the energy business developing protective corporate procedures. She has experience in business, bankruptcy, for profit & nonprofit entities, and corporate foundations. The Goodnight Law Firm uses this experience to create opportunities for advancements for our clients. Business advice should not get in the way of your goals, it should pave the way to achieve them.

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Monica Hennessey

Of Counsel

Attorney Monica Hennessey focuses her legal career in estate planning and probate. Probate is an area of law that most people have little to no knowledge of or how it works. Furthermore, most clients dealing with probate are in seasons of grieving. Attorney Hennessey enjoys being the person to walk alongside our client’s through the legal process of filing a Will and probating an estate. 

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